Desk - inspiration and design

Desk – inspiration and design

A view out a window, a favorite tree, an interesting rock can all start the thought process that leads to a piece of furniture. I like to go into designing a new piece with an open mind.  Furniture ideas can come from anything. I start out broad, not even thinking of furniture, and work down to the shape of an individual piece.  I often start the design process talking with the client at the space the piece will be so I can better understand what’s important.   When you’re ready to have a piece built for your home, contact me, and be prepared to open your mind and think outside the box.

Each piece is unique and the price will be dependent on its individual challenges. Labor is the largest variable in the price of a piece, however there can be big differences in the costs of materials.  I can give a price range after a rough idea is formed and a final price before construction begins.







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